About Kabila Moja Travel

Kabila Moja Travel means One Tribe Travel. We travel together as one tribe, to discover the beauty of Africa and to embark on life journeys that you have always dreamt about.

Kabila Moja Travel specializes in safaris and tours in East Africa. Travel together with our tribe and embark on breathtaking journeys that are on your bucket list.

We sponsor the Mama Dani Org
The Mama Dani organization, offers reliable and affordable international volunteer and internship opportunities for individuals, groups, and non-profit organizations. They support and strengthen awareness in the local community for a self-determined way of life. At their locations in Iringa-Tanzania, they are anchored in the poorest families. One focus is on facilities for the education and training of children, young people and adults. They give orphans and families affected by poverty access to education, nutrition and medical care.